Working from home has become a new trend which many people adopted. But, now there is something new you can explore, and that’s setting up your base somewhere in the world and work from there. The digital nomad lifestyle is quite appealing to many, and there are a lot of destinations you can explore. If you are wondering how to become a digital nomad, then make sure to visit this page For everyone else who is familiar with this occupation, we have a list of cities which might interest you and which might become your future home.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

This is probably number one destination for all aspiring young people. Accommodation and food are very affordable, and there are coffee shops with free Wi-Fi everywhere. This is a small size city, but with a growing number of digital nomads. Chiang Mai has 700 years long history and hundreds of colorful Buddhist temples hiding on every corner. You will have a chance to explore a diverse cousin and plenty of fish markets and vegan restaurants. Nightlife isn’t as rowdy as in some Asian cities, but you will find a lot of interesting places here. If you decide to work on a long-term in Thailand, you can apply for an Iglu visa.

Bangkok, Thailand

While Chiang Mai is a laid-back and peaceful city, Bangkok is the complete opposite. Aside from its notorious nightlife, Bangkok is also a shopper’s paradise and the most significant tourist hub of Southeast Asia. Considering this city is a vast metropolis, Bangkok always has something interesting to offer. The costs of accommodation and food are slightly higher than in a previously mentioned city, but overall, the expenses are still acceptable, compared to western countries. Many people love living in this city because it always buzzes with some activity and that describes Bangkok.

Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Ubud is a central and cultural heart of Bali. This is an excellent place to charge your batteries and have a fresh start. You can learn yoga which can serve you as a powerful inspiration and provide you positive vibes. The only downside of this tropical paradise is the internet connection. It is not too fast, and you may encounter specific problems ahead of you. If your work depends on the connection and speed, then you can hit some of the co-working spaces, such as Hubud. If one of your goals is hitting the beach and working from there, you can explore one of many co-working spaces on the island.

Berlin, Germany

This city is the top digital nomad destination in Europe, and there are a couple of reasons for this. First of all, Berlin provides you great value; it is cheaper than many European cities and students, artists, musicians, and aspiring entrepreneurs are located here. Berlin is a city full of activities and nightclubs. With so many startups and freelancers working here, your options are vast, and you will have a lot of choices, which can lead you to excellent business opportunities.