The Best Mahi Lures That You Should Use For Your Catch
Catching Mahi With Lures

Mahi Mahi is one of the most exotic fish you will ever find and it lives only in the sub-tropical and tropical waters. It is also very smart – in case you throw a dead bait and it wont’ bite so you give it a live bait, it won’t bite the dead bait anymore as it learns and seeks the live ones.

In this article, we will discover the best mahi mahi lures that you should use for your catch.

Chugger head

These rigged chuggers are six inches long and use soft pusher heads in black-purple, purple-pink, blue-white, red-black and green-yellow colors. You can cast these 15 feet behind your boat and do not require any special rigging of the rod. Thanks to the design, the chugger head creates, due to its concave shape, bubble trails and makes the noise.

Fresh Caught Mahi
Mahi Caught With Mahi Lures

This attracts the mahi mahi and it will chase the bait until it bites it. Chugger heads are great and you should have them on your boat whenever you go on the open sea. So, get some of these and have them ready for your fishing adventure in the tropical waters!

C and H stubby bubbler

Coming in pink, blue and white colors, C and H stubby is 5 ½ inches in length. It can be found also in some other colors as well, however, the most common is white color variation.

There is no desired distance where you need to keep it behind the boat as it creates the tempting bubbles that will attract mahi mahi.

Additionally, this lure is also a great choice for tuna, marlin and even sailfish, so keep in mind this! If you want to upgrade the lure, you can add a scent, but it is not required at all.

Flying fish daisy chain

Flying fish daisy chain lure is not only for mahi mahi, but you can use it to catch other fish that you would use for lure. This chain comes in 6.5-inch length with 4 flyers, making this a great choice! It comes rigged on a 200-pound leader with a heavy hook.

Fishing On The Boat
Best Fishing Rod For Mahi Fish

The lure is great as it will attract more fish due to the chain that contains a few baits. Mahi mahi just adores the flying fish so it will go nuts once it notices this lure in the water!

Boone gatlin jet

Coming in pink color, with blue posts over the body weighs ¾ ounces, while it is 7 inches long! However, this lure is best to use in water where you do not have weeds as its structure can make it strangled in weeds and you will have to lose it eventually.

Also, it is not so light, so it can go deep in water and while deep, it creates the great trails that will attract mahi mahi sooner or later! It also makes cool bubbles, which is going to make things interesting to mahi mahi and you will be able to catch it easier!