The cannabis products may come in a variety of forms and it is not odd to see some shops selling gums, brownies or other food that contains the THC and CBD. However, htsfe, or High Terpene Full Spectrum Extracts, are one of the most popular cannabis forms today and people just love using these! Unlike classic buds where you have a lot of side-material that actually does not produce any effects, these pure extracts are nothing but the pure THC/CBD products.

Basically, these extracts are powerful concentrates that consist of solely THC/CBD crystals that are processed and stashed in the ice-like form. To consume these alone, you will need a water pipe or specially made equipment. The equipment is designed solely for the “dabbing” purposes. These concentrates might have up to 90% of the THC in their structures so be aware if you are an inexperienced user! Therefore, plan your time carefully when you plan to dab, as the dabs are made for the deep-relaxation modes!

Dream City’s Dabs

If you are in Washington and you like weed, then you must have heard of Dream City’s concentrates. Going up to 93% of the THC content, this is the most powerful cannabis concentrate you will find anywhere! Still, the large amount of the THC could affect the overall taste, as some users did report a bit of the harsher taste during the consumption. However, not a single user did report that the taste was unpleasant – but rather a bit earthy-like. If you are looking for the powerful dab that would shut you down after a long and exhaustive day at work, then look no further!

Bubba’s Deadhead Girl concentrate

This form of a dab (concentrate) is one of the most powerful combos of strong Bubba Kush, Deadhead OG and Cookies strains. While you may expect this to “hit you right in the head”, this concentrate is a strong body “sedative” that can put you to sleep easily. Therefore, when you decide use this dab, forget about any work as you will simply not be in the mood for the work. Luckily, for those that are working on creative projects where physical work is not included, this dab will spark imagination and creativity. It contains 82% of the THC, making it one of the most powerful marijuana concentrates on the market at the moment.

Alpine Alternative’s Legend OG

At 82% of THC content, this concentrate is the third most powerful on the market and it is intended to be used by the professional and experienced cannabis connoisseurs that know what they are doing. The company from Sacramento, which produces this concentrate, stresses out the importance of the balanced high that is produced by the consumption of this dab. It provides the cerebral high, but also a mild indica-like stoned feeling that relaxes your body. Also, do not think of any physical work after you smoke this dab as you will want to sit back and relax, while watching the TV!