Most likely you are already using some type of social media platform, but little did you know that you are not using it the right way. This is a shock to everyone because people usually think that there is no specific way you should use social media. People think that social media is there just to keep up with the news and with your friends through messages and pictures. Well, there is a lot more than you need to know and learn about social media. Don’t worry, after reading this article, you will be completely changed a person and you will most definitely start using social media platforms differently.  


We have designed this article to be both educational and interesting because we don’t want to scare people away with all kinds of information. So, we will start off slowly, by explaining some of the most basic things about social media platforms. Let’s start with some questions first, like for what are you using social media, well mostly the answer would be to talk with your friends and keep up with them. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that, but you are not utilizing all of the features that are in front of you, like iOS AppStore features.

Take Advantage

One of the things people forget or simply don’t know about is the option that these social media platforms offer to every user and that is to make money. Yes, you heard it right, you can easily make money off your social media platforms. In fact, there are some people who have social media as their only job. It works just like any other internet platform, people watch ads on your profile and you get paid for those views. How to get into this, well it is simple and complicated at the same time, but we will try to explain to you the best we can.  

Basic CMYK

First of all, you need to understand that you must have a certain amount of follower base on your social media account if you want to make some big money. So, what you must do next is find a way to increase the follower base on your profile. How will you do that, it is completely up to you. Of course, this will be the hardest part because it is impossible to do it if you don’t know how. Well, luckily for you we have few tips even for that. 

Be Responsible

One of the mistakes that people often do is they don’t take this social media thing seriously and they are not acting responsibly about it. In order to gain new followers, you need to post regularly, and you have to take this seriously, this means that you must interact with your follower base.