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Up to this point, a lot of people from all around the world have read the open letter by Nicola Abela Garrett or have heard her story. If you still haven’t heard her story, then we suggest that you go and read her letter or this article because we will here explain the real reason why she decided to write it in the first place. A lot of people who read the letter have left confused and some of them even got the wrong message from it.  


Well, in order to avoid making any further damage, we have decided to make this article talking about the meaning of her open letter. This way we hope that people will stand on her side and understand her problems. Eventually, we want to people do something about her issue and fix it because it is not a small thing that you can easily overlook. Here is her story that most people have hard time understanding and getting the message out.  


One of the main things that are bothering her is the detours that the Maltese buses are doing around the island. She is just a student who must travel by buses because she has no other ways of getting to lectures on time. As a student, being late is not going to get you in trouble, this is no elementary or high school anymore, but if she starts missing lectures because of the buses, then she is risking of failing. Missing out on a lecture can be a huge deal because you are missing out some very important information that might be on the next exam. Of course, she didn’t mention this specifically, but we can see that from the context.  


Her biggest problem is that she needs to wait up to an hour on a bus stop for the right bus to come and then she needs to go around the entire island before she can get out. As a student, you don’t have a lot of free time and wasting your precious time on bus rides is not the best thing.  

Very Polite

If you read her letter, you will see that she doesn’t want to cause any problems, she has even apologized many times to people she has been rude to. All that she wants is to have a more organized bus ride that will take her from point A to point B without making detours.