After contacting Law Student Representative Paul Caruana Turner it has been revealed to Insiteronline that the publishing of specific law results has been delayed after an extension to the ‘Study Unit Feedback’ system was granted due to a poor response.

Mr Caruana Turner explained that any results that were thus far received and are subject to the study unit feedback will be left unpublished until the extended deadline is over. The feedback period was originally meant to end last Monday (23rd February 2014).


However, the Faculty of Laws received instructions from the Registrar’s office ordering the extension of the feedback period until next Monday 3rd March 2014 due to a lack of response from the students. He also highlighted that the lack of feedback is in actuality feedback in itself.

This seemingly shows that students don’t believe that their opinions are acknowledged or addressed in any tangible way whilst also putting arbitrary pressure on students to fill in the form for the sake of simply filling it in. This, he emphasised, would not express their true feelings and thus defeat the purpose of the study-unit feedback. Many students, are also concerned with the anonymity of the feedback, saying that they cannot trust the Faculty that their honest feedback will not affect their result.