Earlier today, over 150 students at Gozo’ post secondary school Sir M.A Refalo, took to the corridors to protest after their petition calling for the revision of stipend regulations was received badly by the school administration.

The regulation in question, states that missing one single lecture in a whole day shall result in the reduction of a day’s stipend which amounts to €4.

Our sources have confirmed that protests ensued after the Head of the school, Mr. Marcel Xuereb reacted by threatening to call a lawyer when presented with the petition.

Student organisations SDM

Student organisations SDM, Grupp Universitarji Ghawdxin (GUG)and Pulse have all expressed concerns over the regulations, with the latter issuing a statement later during the day, showing a letter addressed to the Hon. Evarist Bartolo. In the letter, Pulse requested the opportunity to discuss a long-term solution “for students who genuinely would like to attend classes”.

In a separate press release, the newly elected Students’ Voice Committee, which is GUG’s representation at the post-secondary school, stated that the “current system imposes an unfair penalty on students” and encouraged the administration to reconsider its stance.