The high turnout in Thursday’s election is a clear sign that student apathy on campus is decreasing, said SDM president James Cassar. He was speaking at a press conference which was held in the quad yesterday afternoon, in the wake of the KSU elections which resulted in yet another SDM victory. 

Cassar dubbed it a “statement win”, responding to critics who have said in the past that SDM benefits from a low turnout. He thanked Pulse for contesting the election this year, saying that their participation contributed to the relatively high turnout. Expressing his faith in his team, he reiterated that each candidate was chosen specifically for their post. He also thanked the student population, saying that SDM at KSU was nothing without the people that voted for them. 


For a lot of people, this win of the SDM was really shocking, especially for students because they were really expecting a different type of ending of this election. Of course, with voting, you can never know who will win at the end. The reason for that is quite simple, you can’t know what other people think or vote for. Also, when it comes to voting it is not unusual to have some interference. There will be always someone who would find these votes to be wrong and because of that, the voting can take much longer to finish. 

In a statement released yesterday, Pulse commented that the 709 mixed votes show that many students voted for diversity and that the current voting system may need an overhaul in order to become more effective. They said that system has been denying SDM a minor representation in the Junior College Council for the last five years, as well as proper representation of the students who voted for Pulse in the KSU election. 

Both John Demicoli, who contested the election for the post of president on the Pulse ticket, and Mario Cachia, the newly elected KSU president, expressed their satisfaction at the high turnout. Demicoli called the campaign “one of the best experiences of my life,” saying that he was proud of what his team accomplished during the campaign.  “The fact that so many were willing to listen to what we had to say and acknowledge and commend our efforts is an accomplishment in its own right,” he commented. He concluded by wishing the best of luck to the new KSU executive: “I trust they will do their utmost to address the needs of every student and work in their best interests.” 

Cachia commented: “Students have once again spoken, and chose SDM to represent them at KSU for another year. We promised experience and continuity, and the SDM team which has just been elected will be delivering that, and much more.”