The Emperor’s absence left a massive power vacuum, and in its wake the most powerful and cunning Imperial leaders attempted to assume authority over the Empire. With the Dark Council consolidating the Empire’s new dominion, altering the Empire’s domain and structure, they tasked the Imperial military with more practical matters, while the Sith Lords’ planned for the Empire’s future. Though the Emperor had control of half the galaxy, he grew impatient after 28 years of war, expecting his triumph over the opposition to come quickly. This forced the Emperor to undertake a risky maneuver, in light of all his other methods failing. He had his Dark Council approach the Republic with an offer of peace, an offer that the Jedi and Republic could not refuse; especially when the Republic was still in recovery from the recent Mandalorian blockade. The Republic and Sith diplomats converged on Alderaan to discuss the treaty of ceasefire, however, the Sith tricked the Republic and attacked Coruscant and captured the Jedi Temple and Senate tower.

This game is available for both iOS and Android users. You can easily download it from app store and Google Play Store in your mobile. It also allows you to play Ludo with anyone, you can play it with your friends, family and you can play it from everywhere. rolling 1 on a die also allows a token to enter active play.

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Meanwhile, fifteen years after landing on Kesh, the Red Sith portion of the Lost Tribe of Sith secretly used cyanogen silicate to kill off all the people in a Keshiri village. Trying to portray it as a plague that could potentially threaten the Human Sith there, it was a last attempt to try and convince the Lost Tribe to focus on getting off world. However, one of the Human Sith who had suffered under the care of Dark Lord Kressh had a grudge against all Red Sith as a result. She had secretly been killing all the Red Sith offspring born over their time on Kesh, and once she realized what the Red Sith were doing under the leadership of a Sith named Ravilan Wroth, she framed them. Eventually she converted her husband, the Grand Lord to her cause, and launched a specicide event against the Red Sith there, killing all the Red Sith on the isolated planet.

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Those holocrons that had survived over the years either fell into the hands of dark side acolytes or remained within the sanctuaries of the dead Sith Lords. Their usage also had a corrupting influence on those that accessed its forbidden knowledge. While holocrons were used, manuscripts and other means of containing Sith teachings were also used. Such relics included the Epistle of Marka Ragnos and the Codex of Karness Muur.

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