Don’t forget that you can always visit the Photos app to check the status of your uploads. To automatically take a backup of your photos and videos to iCloud as soon as you shoot them, you must have iCloud Photos turned on. While this feature is enabled by default, you may have turned it off previously, either to use the alternative My Photo Stream functionality or to switch to a different cloud-storage service.

It is always recommended to set a few “favorite” contacts on your phone. You can simply visit the contacts of close friends and family, and set them as “favorites”. Later, you can choose to selectively allow calls from your favorite contacts. Just go to the Do Not Disturb setting and in the “Allow calls from” section, set “Favorites”.

Gps & Location Based Services

Click Accounts, then tick the appropriate email addresses once again. You may need to enter more details for some of them. If you’ve left the conversation a message will tell you so. It’s also possible that you can’t send a group message to an existing thread because you left the conversation. Alternatively, it’s possible that your friend has switched to using an Android or Windows device?

  • So, here’s what happens when you block someone on your iPhone, and they try to send you a text.
  • Android phones must be updated to Android 7.0 or later and iPhones must have iOS 12 or later, according to the Ministry of Health website.
  • The offers that appear on the website are from software companies from which receives compensation.
  • You also have the option of adding a custom theme/background to give your Mailbird a more personal feel.
  • For related advice, here’s how to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone.
  • Closely analyze each download/installation step using the “Custom” or “Advanced” settings.
  • Lorenz proposed a mathematical model for how tiny motions in the atmosphere scale up to affect larger systems.

Open up a contact card to see how you can get in touch. / © NextPitTap to open the Favorites tab and you’ll see a list of contacts you’ve starred as well as a list of frequently contacted people underneath. If the number of people you speak to is limited, this might be a better way into the Contacts app for you. Contacts+ is an intelligent address book targeted at professionals and small teams who want to keep their contacts organized and synchronized across all accounts and devices Download Contacts, Phone Dialer APK for Android they use. The application also allows users to create groups and it comes in real handy when sending out information or announcements to all. One very nifty feature of the application is the duplicate contact handler.

Searching Emails

You’ll also be right at home with it if you’ve used iCloud Drive on Mac OS X, Windows, or the web. Here, you need to unplug your iPhone and connect it to the PC again, then log into your iCloud accounts and you’ll get the main interface again. Connect your iPhone or iPad to computer with USB cable, then log into your iCloud account on your desktop computer.