As of when this was written, you could still only get into Clubhouse by being invited. And as a Clubhouse user, let me tell you that the allure of something secret is more interesting than the reality. If you love the idea of looking out over the golf course, realize that the planners may plant trees or create landscaping that will eventually restrict your view. If you’re imagining strolling through your backyard and onto the golf course, you may need to double-check the documents describing your property restrictions.

There are a bunch of celebrities who are active on Clubhouse, which seems to be a draw for many users. There are celebs in the traditional sense — Tiffany Haddish, Kevin Hart, Drake, Ashton Kutcher — as well as new media “celebs” who offer marketing, business, and even content creation advice. Now, with more than two million users and the app on the precipice of the mainstream, Clubhouse has become a flashpoint in the broader culture wars around censorship, online harassment, and the far-reaching powers of Big Tech. Its growth is undeniable thanks to figures as disparate as Oprah Winfrey, Elon Musk and, Trump consigliere Roger Stone — not to mention regular people craving conversation after nearly a year of lockdown. Now, tech giants like Facebook and Twitter are actively copying Clubhouse and doling out the new talking features for their billions of users, giving a preview of what the future of online life is likely to look like. Clubhouse has reached the 10 million downloads worldwide mark within a year of launch.

What Is The Clubhouse App Used For?

In addition, Leher has apps for both Android and iOS so that is great. Apart from that, you can start your own club and create a space for like-minded people who share common interests and ideas. I think Leher is a promising Clubhouse alternative in India and you should definitely check it out. Leher is an Indian app aimed to bring a similar experience like Clubhouse and it has been available on the Play Store since 2018. The app likes to call itself “Live Discussion Clubs on Audio and Video”. While Clubhouse only has an audio-only chat option, Leher has support for both audio and video chat.

  • As the mobile industry has matured and the cost of entry has increased, that’s no longer the case.
  • This has caused the user base to jump from 600,000 active usersin December 2020 to more than 10 milliontoday.
  • A few folks secured early invites and got a lay of the land.
  • Clubhouse is an emerging Silicon Valley favorite, with an invite-only userbase and appearances from tech titans like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg.
  • Because the app is currently available to a small group, the opportunity to connect with this exclusive network of tech giants, celebrities, and activists is one of its most alluring features.

Once the player purchases the property, it will appear on the map for the player. Next, the player will want to invest in grow houses to start growing their weed. The grow house will provide the player with a list of tasks to complete to get the business rolling.

Instagram Allows Users To Get Paid

Try providing some information on the topics you typically cover on your podcast (you can even recycle some content/topics from recent podcast episodes). Encourage any other participants in the room to ask questions directly — this is a great opportunity to connect personally with your target audience. Once you’ve joined Clubhouse, the first thing you’ll want to do is start joining some rooms about the topic covered in your podcast. Joining a room as a speaker and adding value to the ongoing conversation is a great way to gain new followers . So, once you’ve scored one APK 4 Android Mobi of those coveted invites, the question remains… how can you promote your podcast on Clubhouse?

When it comes to social media marketing, data makes the world go ’round. We rely on numbers for just about everything from revenue and ROI to followers and engagement rates. As of right now, Clubhouse doesn’t offer anything by way of insights or analytics. However, while navigating the app, I didn’t see any way of really searching for people I wanted to find or would want to hop into a room with specifically because of shared interests.