apps for dog owners

The dog is your best and most loyal friend, and you want to make sure he is getting the best possible care. When it comes to technology, it has advanced so much that now it can address the real-life needs. You probably have heard of pet apps, but have you ever tried one of them? Dog apps can be handy, depending on the purpose you are using them for. In our previous article we talked about the best apps for pet parents, but now we are trying to narrow down your choice. If you don’t know whether you need such app, then we have a couple of suggestions, that will change your mind and facilitate your life.


Basically, Tagg app is a GPS attachment to your dog’s collar. At any moment you can know the location of your pet, which will provide you peace of mind and help you track your dog’s movement. The attachment is directly connected to an app on your smartphone. It will monitor the dog’s activity and send you a notification if he goes beyond the boundaries you have set. Apart from this, the Tagg allows you to measure movements of your pet, to make sure he is getting enough exercise. This app is convenient when you need to leave your dog alone. It will save a lot of money on sitters.


DoggyDatezThe social networks have went viral nowadays. But, did you know you can use social platforms for dog owners and their dogs to make friends? The main idea behind this app is to mark your territory and see who else visit your spot. You can use DoggyDatez to filter users by gender, age, dog breed and dog age. This is an excellent opportunity for dog parents to meet new people and share their experiences with them. You never know what you can discover.

Pet Phone

Dogs are very resilient creatures, and they get sick rarely. But, when they do, we are beside our self with worry. But, not every time you have to rush to the vet, then you have the assistance of an app. Pet Phone is excellent at that keeps track of vet appointments, medications, allergies and food preferences. The Pet Phone can be connected to your calendar, and every time you will get a reminder. Same as people, dogs require continuous attention and care. Just because they are more resilient to cold, it doesn’t mean they can’t get one. Installing this app is like having a personal veterinarian 24/7.


If you want to see how your dog is spending time while you are away, then you should install iCam. The app will provide you a real-time picture and allow you to monitor your canine friend remotely. The iCam is an excellent app for people how are leaving their pet alone for the first time. But, it can be used when traveling, moving, or just spending a lot of time at work. You can always use additional tools