After dropping out of Law School in 2011, KarlAndrew decided to follow his dream to travel round the world while he’s young. Since then he walked the Camino de Santiago (the way of St. James) and experienced the ups and downs of living in Spain. This time round he’ll be going to Asia – Here’s his story.


When you go to the airport to pick up your one way ticket to Thailand, you know that shit just got real. The strange feeling that builds up in your stomach when you know you’re leaving home with no foreseeable plan to return, is not at all pleasant. However, to the traveller it’s somewhat comforting – the feeling of that ravishing hurricane inside of you reminds you that while you gave up stability in life to meet new people, see the world and experience new aspects of life, at least you’re doing that correctly.

Now that the day of my departure has arrived, here ends the last leg of my 4 month pit-stop.

I’m glad to have spent Christmas with my family and enjoyed some time with my close friends, but now it’s time to leave once again. So now that I have quit working, got my ticket and crossed more and more of my to do list every day that has passed, all I have to do is say my last good byes. Into my backpack I have put my few belongings and off I am to Thailand.

As per usual there is no solid plan of what is to happen of me in the next few weeks, but I do know that for the first three weeks I will just be going round Thailand attempting to get as many sites under my belt; after that the usual hunt for a job and accommodation. I’ll tell you all about it from the other end.