Pulse received enthusiastically the Prime Minister’s latest announcement that stipends will also be given to University students repeating a year of their course studies. Pulse believes it “is extremely encouraging to see that the Government is extending its initial electoral promise to further cater for tertiary education and continue to help students throughout their educational experience.”

Pulse’s Proposals For Sustainable Stipends

Pulse has held actively its position to safeguard stipends. It also sent a letter to the Minister for Education and Employment Hon. Evarist Bartolo, regarding the recent issue at Sir M.A. Refalo Post-Secondary School (Gozo) where they called “for further consultation and discussion in order to resolve any unnecessary doubts and uncertainties which might have arisen.”

Pulse has been invited for further discussions with the Maintenance Grants Board where the core elements of this issue will be discussed. It will be also submitting proposals for and increasingly effective system “promoting simultaneously the sustainability of stipends.”

Through its Economic Affairs Review Board (EARB), Pulse will be presenting a document focusing mainly on a more sustainable future for stipends.