When we are born, all of us immediately become a part of one of the two genders, there is no third option you are either a girl or a boy simple as that. Of course, you most definitely already know about this, but one of the things that you might not be familiar is the law that allows people to change their gender. The reason why you don’t know about this law is that it is a taboo, and nobody ever speaks of this even if they have done it. If you want to find out more about gender identity and gender expression, then we suggest that you read this article because we will be explaining to details how this process works.  


One of the reasons why people are uneducated about gender expression is because there is an extremely low number of people who actually have the need to express their gender. When you are born as a boy, most of us have the feeling that we are a boy and we do things that are common for boys. However, not everyone has the same mindset, some people are born trapped inside a body that is not who they are. 

Gender Expression

Gender expression is used by the people who are not feeling good in their body. These people have the mind of the opposite gender than their body. For example, a person with the body of a boy who thinks and strongly believes that he is a girl. As mentioned above, this is a very rare thing and a very low number of people are born with this type of disorder. For these people, there is no cure, some of them go under surgery just to visually change their body and try to become the other gender.  


Well, for these people it is very important that they have the chance to say and live like they believe. So, having the opportunity to change their gender really helps these people. Of course, there are still some places on the earth that will not allow such change to be made.