The SDM and Pulse manifestos created a huge buzz at Junior College today, leaving everyone with multiple opinions, as well as questions.

At first glance, diversity seems to be playing an important role during this electoral campaign, which is an interesting take. Personally, I was quite surprised. Not because I don’t believe it is an issue to be tackled, but because I didn’t think the candidates in this popularity contest would give it equal importance to the to other proposals which usually take the front seat, such as the addition of computers in the library.


Both parties took into consideration the idea of having campaigns towards tolerance of different sexual orientations, which is all well and good and which is of great importance seeing that it’s a topic that frequently makes the headlines. Both SDM and Pulse also took into consideration different cultures and religions, although personally, I feel that SDM’s take on it was far more interesting.

SDM: SDM in KSJC will ensure a better canteen environment by making sure that all tables are in a good condition and that halal food is offered.

Pulse: Jitlesta l-progett tal-prayer room sabiex studenti ta’ religjonijiet diversi jipprattikaw ir-religjon taghhom f’ambjent specifiku. Nintroducu selezzjoni varjata ta’ kotba religjuzi. Jigu organizzat ghall-ewwel darba djalogu bejn l-istudenti ta’ religjonijiet differenti sabiex tinhareg pozizzjoni tal-Kunsill favur izjed tolleranza ta’ religjonijiet differenti.

Although Pulse is also offering quite a great deal, SDM’s proposal seems slightly more interesting, taking it a step further from meetings and creating specific rooms, but delving into the practice of the culture.

This being said, Pulse proposed a winning idea which will definitely attract a lot of students. That, paired with the fact that SDM didn’t even think of anything close to it.

Pulse: Jintlahaq ftehim ma’ numru ta’ kumpaniji sabiex matul ix-xhur tas-sajf l-istudenti jkunu jistghu jesperjenzaw xoghlijiet varji fis-settur li jkunu qeghdin jistudjaw fih.


This, in my opinion, is a huge advantage for Pulse. This idea will attract many students who which to find a job in summer, but do not wish to have just any old pool or catering job. It’s close to having a sort of internship, similar to the idea MCAST has for the summer months. It’s a huge opportunity for students, and personally, I think it’s their best point.

The same old proposals for changing the aesthetics of the school are ever present as always. This year’s include renovations in the green areas, having stronger wi-fi around the school (which no one will disapprove of) and the promise of more monitors or just better ones, around school. Good points, mind you, which are of vital importance, but I think we’ve already seen this all before…and barely anything ever comes to fruition.