Most definitely you have a head on social media platforms and most likely you are using some of them yourself. Of course, there is nothing bad about using a website to talk with your friends and see what other people are doing, but once it gets out of your hands and it becomes an addiction that you cannot quit, then you have a problem. Not just any problem, addiction to social media platforms have been around for quite a while now and everyone knows that it exists, or they have at least heard about it, but they don’t believe in it.  

Parents, of young kids or even young adults are always telling their children not to get sucked into this world of social media because later they will not be able to quit. Well, of course, just like anything else in this world that is popular it will be used by young generations because they are the ones who make the trends. Social media platforms may have started a trend, but it quickly became this online thing that can affect lives of young kids.  


If you have a friend or a family member who is addicted to social media platforms, you better help them get over this horrible thing. Luckily for you, we have just the right solution and we want to share it with you. You can go on the internet to search for some other or better solution, but we guarantee that you will not find a better one than this. All you have to do is simply get them away from all of the devices that allow them to visit their social media accounts. Of course, this might be cruel because this is a cold turkey way of stopping this addiction.  


There is one more thing that you can try and that is deleting some of their social media accounts, not all of them because that can result quite badly. Try to do it slowly, one by one and see how they react after the first few. Then after some time, you will see an improvement in their life.