You’re dropped in a beautiful forest, in which you can barely move for bumping into cute bunnies and woodpeckers, and then set about exploring. You scavenge for food to eat, but you quickly transition from stuffing raw mushrooms in your mouth to building a wee greenhouse next to your growing cabin. It’s survival as Henry David Thoreau imagined it, rather than Bear Grylls. Early on in the game, you’ll probably find that you’re starving an awful lot of the time.

Festers are the reincarnation of slave traders who ran their slave ship aground on Carnate, and left their slaves tied up in the hold to be eaten by rats, rather than freeing them. Infernas are the trapped spirits of three children who accused eleven innocent people of being witches during the time of a Puritan settlement on the island. Interestingly these monsters, when not killing humans, are frequently seen fighting and killing each other. Herbivore Island – Herbivore Island is a small island in the southern area of the waters.

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  • When traveling through areas that seem suspicious, be sure to crouch rather than run.
  • If the grim nature of the likes of The Forest and Frostpunk is a little too much, try out this demented version of Wall-E in the survival genre instead.
  • As the plague spreads, the town’s inhabitants can start dying off, leaving them unable to provide you with information or help on your quest.
  • The story of this raft Island raft survival is about a survivor who lived in an old village.
  • You will enjoy Shipwrecks, Oceans, Monuments, Ruins, and many more things here.
  • Here are a few strategies for mining these resources and transporting them to your base.

If you plan to leave the island on your own, you’ll need to create a raft. Always work during the day, when it’s light out so you can see. Use the night as a time to rest and recover your energy. The fire you started will be a useful signal to rescue parties looking for you on myriads of islands in the vicinity.

The Island Map

Run all the way to the left, back to the starting area, and then go left once more to enter another area of the map. A few steps away, you’ll find the fourth page of the survival handbook. You will also see a bag hanging from the branches in the tree above you. To get this bag, you need to go to the left and jump up into the branches. Once you reach the bag, click on it, and an item will fall out of it and land on the ground.