retinol based products

Retinol needs no introduction, right? Many believe this magical ingredient can rejuvenate our skin, prevent premature aging, improve skin’s texture, and reduce scarring. Additionally, it’s also suitable for individual suffering from acne.

According to the leading world’s dermatologists, retinol has proven medical and scientific ability to rejuvenate skin cells. It’s one of the few compounds in beauty industry that actually works. While skin is susceptible to particular products, you have to be extra careful when picking up skincare.

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Now, let’s see what benefits retinol has to offer!

How do you choose the retinol products?

There are different retinol products available on the market, with different strengths. Therefore, if you are just starting, you should less aggressive product, with less percentage. For instance, Redermic R, made by La Roche Posay is the most suitable starting point, containing only 0.3% of retinol. Moreover, it’s ideal for sensitive skin.

the ordinary granactive retinoid

On the other hand, The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 2% in Squalane is perfect for beginners as well, while being super affordable. However, if you are a seasoned or advanced retinol user, then Medik8 Crystal Retinal 3 or Sunday Riley’s will provide you with the fastest results.

You must be wondering, when is the optimal time for retinol use? Well, in theory, you should start using retinol in the late 20s. Prevention is better than cure, but if you are under 25, then you probably don’t need it yet.

Make sure to use retinol at night, since it’s photosensitive. You should avoid combining it with other active compounds. Hyaluronic acids should be enough.

Can you experience side-effects?

Unfortunately, this skincare ingredient can cause a couple side-effects. However, you can minimize the effects by selecting the suitable formula based on your skin condition and type. Make sure to introduce retinol to your beauty routine gradually, or at least until you build a tolerance.

Initially, start applying retinol two times a week. This ingredient will irritate your skin lightly, causing redness and slight burning. Therefore, it’s essential to begin with 0.3% of retinol. When you begin to notice results, the irritation will go away.

The best retinol products you can buy

Sunday Riley

Retinol newbies be aware! If you aren’t a regular user, this product isn’t for you. Sunday Riley features 1% of retinol which is encapsulated as well as 5% retinoid, making this formula super strong.

Sunday Riley Products

You can start using this serum after you went through some products which contain a smaller percentage of retinol. Since it’s incredibly efficient, you will start noticing results very soon.

The Ordinary

The Ordinary brand has quickly gained a lot of followers online due to its affordable price. Their Granactive Retinoid provides better results, and prevents premature aging, without irritating the skin.


Combining salicylic acid with retinol hasn’t always been the best solution. However, this brand has succeeded to link these two ingredients, which strengthen the skin’s barrier.