A number of cats who roam the University of Malta have been found injured or killed on the University grounds during the past weeks. Steffi Borg, a 6th year Law student who found out about the cases of animal abuse on campus, told Insiter Online that University security guards have on more than one occasion found dead or injured cats, during the early hours of the morning, on campus. 

If you have ever visited the University, you would have the chance to see various types of cats roaming freely. The reason why so many cats’s can be found there is that people often don’t want to keep cats and they let them outside hoping they will die.


Well, some of the cats actually get killed by cars or hunger, but some of them find the university and they like it very much. They like staying close to the university because the trash cans are always full of food and sometimes students give these cats to eat. Cats are quite smart animals and they know if you feed them once that you will do it again, so they are coming back each day to eat.  

What exactly is the reason for people killing and torturing these cats are still unknown, we don’t even know for sure who is the person to blame.   

Recently discovered cases included a cat found drowned in the university fountain and other cases of cats left injured with missing eyes or poisoned. Another cat, ‘Lady Monroe’, was found stoned to death beyond recognition and covered in soil with wheel signs all over its body. All cases were reported to the police who have also offered to help security guards with rounds of patrol to assist in monitoring the campus. 

Steffi Borg pointed out that cats around the University are used to people playing with them and feeding them daily, making them a defenseless target of those who find “such shameful acts amusing”. Each cat is known by a different name and is neutered and fed at an expense of the lecturers and students who care for them. 


Security guards mentioned the “gangs” of skateboarders and bikers, who roam the University grounds after it is vacated by students and lecturers, as possible culprits of the constant vandalism and animal abuses. University lecturers also mentioned cases of stealing and refrained from working on weekends as they felt “intimidated”. 

A Facebook group has been created, aiming at creating awareness about the issue and call for an increase of CCTV cameras installed around the campus for protection of the university grounds at all times. These security cameras, along with a request for an increase in security guard presence on campus, can help identify the perpetrators and act as a deterrent for future crimes. 

KPS Social Commissioner Abigail Cremona assured students that the issue is being handled accordingly by the relevant entities; adding that a subcommittee is being set up to treat the issue of security.