pay someone to do my assignmentSDM has emerged victorious from yet another KSU election, beating Pulse by just a handful of votes. This year’s election produced an impressive turnout of 3812 votes, a record 30.5% of the student population. 

SDM won 1668 block votes, 43.8% of the total. Pulse lagged behind with 36.7%, amounting to 1400 block votes. 709 votes were mixed and the remaining 35 were invalid. 

If you don’t know anything about the voting and how it went down, then you are in the right place to get all the right information. We have made this article to show people the results of the election. As you could see from the title SDM won KSU Election. Just like with any other election or voting, there were some issues, but overall it all went really nice and smooth. All the issues were minor, and people were able to deal with them quite fast without making any further problems. The results came in quite fast. 

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The last polling stations closed at 8 pm and sorting commenced shortly after 11:30 pm, but as early as 1:15 am the electoral commission had already released a rough estimate of the result saying that it was going to be extremely close. Approximately 40% of the votes were estimated for each party, with the remaining 20% being mixed. In fact, the parties competed for neck-and-neck right up until the very end. Counting came to a close at around 3:30 am and the results were announced soon after. 

The electoral commission has yet to make available the official figures for the individual candidates. However, it has been confirmed that all of SDM’s candidates have been elected. SDM will be holding a press conference at 5 pm this afternoon at Gateway. 

Speaking just after the result was announced, President-elect Mario Cachia thanked everyone for voting and contributing to the record turnout. “Well done to both sides,” he said. Newly-elected finance officer Felicity Rayner expressed her satisfaction at the whole campaign. “It was a great campaign; we worked hard for our victory. Pulse were good opponents, they put up a real fight,” she added. 


An ecstatic Zoe Farrugia, newly-elected culture and entertainment coordinator, said: “I can’t believe it, it was so close! I’m speechless…I’d like to thank everyone who voted.” Thomas Bugeja, the newly-elected secretary general, seemed more composed, admitting that SDM was prepared for the worst. “The turnout was satisfying, and it shows that we are on the way to fighting student apathy,” he said. “We have a long year of work ahead of us – it was a very close result which means that some things will have to change,” he concluded. 

Official Results released: 

Votes cast: 3812 

PULSE block votes: 1400 

SDM block votes: 1668 

Mixed votes: 709 

Invalid votes: 42 

Votes per candidate: 


John Demicoli -1615 

Mario Cachia – 1958 

Vice president 

Ishmael Psaila – 1627 

Andrew Aquilina – 1951 

Secretary General 

Christina Ciappara – 1646 

Thomas Bugeja – 1932 

Financial Officer 

Chantelle Micallef – 1643 

Felicity Rayner – 1923 

Public Relations Officer 

Ryan Pace – 1641 

Andrea Attard – 1881 

International Officer 

Ryan Farrugia – 1607 

Albert Camilleri – 1984 

International Coordinator 

Chris Borg – 1633 

Timmy Borg Olivier – 1923 

Culture and Entertainment Officer 

Yanika Agius – 1629 

Zoe Farrugia – 1936 

Culture and Entertainment Coordinator 

Ryan Cauchi – 1636 

Ryan Grech – 1946 

Education Coordinator 

Thea Bugeja – 1639 

Naomi Said – 1936 

Social Policy Coordinator 

Isabelle Sammut – 1628 

Warren Sammut – 1943