pay someone to do my assignmentWith the Premiere of Silhouette taking place tomorrow at the Eden Cinemas, Insite decided have a chat with Mark Doneo, the writer, director and producer of this cinematographic production.

Although he has written various successful productions, Doneo claims that he hates the process of writing, even though during an interview by Malta Today, back in 2002 he had claimed otherwise.

“When I said that I enjoy writing, I either was lying blatantly or I thought that I would get accustomed to it by time and start enjoying it”, declared Doneo.

Being the scriptwriter of local-drama shows such as Shelly Rayner, L-Ispettur Lowell and Solitaire, Mark Doneo is quite familiar with those who watch local television. Doneo was adamant that although one could not compare a television production with a cinematographic production, the project of Silhouette has been by far the most demanding project he has ever been involved in. In 2005, Doneo had produced Solitaire, which dealt with car racing and was an outstanding success, gaining no less than 12 nominees in the Malta Television Awards. When questioned about the link between Solitaire and Silhouette, Doneo commented that Solitaire was the first production was aimed at an audience of all ages. Silhouette on the other hand, has nothing to do with the 2005 series.

“I don’t want Solitaire fans to watch something which is recycled and I wanted those who have never heard of Solitaire to enjoy the movie….I always dreamt of producing a movie, but when it comes to equipment we were light years away”

He also spoke about the role that he is playing in this movie, which he described as an ordinary man who has wronged by his family, and is striving to be given another chance to rejoin their lives. To make matters worse, problems from his past seem to be haunting him again.


When questioned about the taboo when it comes to vulgar language, Doneo admitted that this problem is not just in Malta, but also in foreign productions, where vulgar language is also heavily criticised and censored. However, the difference is that critics are much more lenient if the production is outstanding and a commercial success. Having said that, Doneo declares that the positive feedback always outweighed the negative when he chose to use ‘adventurous’ languag. “After all, I don’t think they’ll throw me in jail just for choosing some words delicately”.

Finally, Doneo said that people will enjoy the movie, because it portrays ordinary people caught up in pay someone to do my assignment circumstances. Doneo also resorted to use local talent when it comes to movie soundtracks, involving bands such as Winter Moods, Airport Impressions, Milk Mi, Scar, Franco Tartarglia, The Myth and Tenishia.

“Don’t come to watch the movie, just because it is a Maltese production, but come and watch it if you want to watch a good production with the involvement of some of Malta’s best talent”.

Having followed almost all of Doneo’s productions and seen the trailer of this movie, I am not only expecting fast-paced action to compliment his usual visual flair but a good solid storyline. Adding to that, one should also give a glance to the cast of this movie, with Louise Doneo, Lawrence Bountempo and Ray Cutajar amongst the main actors.