A few hours after Insiteronline reported that certain faculties are withholding from publishing exam results KSU issued a press release saying it “has been closely monitoring recent media reports about the publication of exam results.”

Acknowledging that some results have not yet been published, KSU said that this is due to the student feedback exercise which has been extended by a week. KSU believes “this is a logical policy in order to avoid bias of feedback results.”


Taking into consideration the “students’ eager anticipation to view their grades, KSU has spoken to the faculties concerned and encouraged administrative staff to take the necessary steps to ensure that submitted results are published, given that that the deadline for feedback has already been extended once.”

KSU also noted that the deadline for the submission of the first semester is end of March. Thus, the current situation as reported is still within the deadlines established. KSU stated that more information on study unit feedback as well as guarantees on its anonymity can be found on www.um.edu.mt/apqru/studentfeedback.