In their natural habitat, pond snails will consume enormous amounts of aquatic plants . Pond snails don’t have this trait and are considered to be pests in the usual sense. The only useful role they can take on in a fish tank is that of serving as live food for some freshwater predators.

They will nibble on the soft parts of your aquatic plants, so they are not considered plant-safe. Lymnaea stagnalis doesn’t have an operculum ( a ”lid”). The shape and color of its shell can vary greatly depending on external factors, such as its environment, the region where it originated from, or the pond snail’s age. The most distinctive physical feature of a pond snail is its thick triangular-shaped tentacles. They thrive by feeding on aquatic plants, as they do by gorging on vegetation in the wild.

How To Manage Snail Populations In Your Tank

If you have any dwarf shrimp, be aware that some of them, such as the Cherry shrimp, may also become prey to these hitman snails. Luckily, they do not breed at the insane rate other aquarium snails do. Assassin Snails pay little to no attention to all aquarium inhabitants and focus on their main goal – hunting other snails down.

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  • Corydoras also do not eat snails but can play an important role in reducing your snail problem.
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  • As the name suggests, the assassin snail would love to go after smaller snails.
  • Gouramis and Betta fish are also known to eat snails, though this varies from individual to individual and can’t eat all sizes.
  • Bladder snails are air-breathers, having the ability to use a pulmonary organ for breathing by swimming upside down and surfacing.

Therefore, do not keep other snails with them, they will try to eat any snail. As I have said earlier, their efficiency drastically decreases if there are other food sources. Therefore, if you see that your Assassin snails thrive and breed it is a sure sign. Unless there is an infestation of pest snails in the tank, and temperature suites them, do not expect Assassin snails to breed systematically. Assassin snails will thrive in aquariums with sandy or soil substrate that they will be able to delve into.

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Long ago, before I knew enough about them, I had a pair of bala sharks in a 55-gallon tank. The tank had previously suffered from a small-scale snail APK HQ outbreak. A few weeks after introducing the bala sharks I suddenly realized there were no more snails in the tank. In fact, months later, even after I had re-homed the bala sharks, the snails didn’t come back. The truth is every betta behaves differently, and some are more likely to munch on gastropods than others. This is one of the many reasons you wouldn’t want to rely on a betta fish to solve your snail problem.

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