This is how you can use AFWall+ to block internet access for specific apps on Android. Using InternetGuard Data Saver FirewallThat’s it, you are done! This is how you can use InternetGuard Data Saver Firewall to block internet access in specific apps on Android 2019.

NetGuard is a VPN firewall that allows you to use blocklists. The application is open source which is always reassuring as you can inspect the source if you really want to make sure that the app is clean and does only what it is supposed to do. Simply enable advanced settings in the application’s interface and add your own hosts file lists so that any list you add is used by the application. The application uses an ad server filter list with about 2500 entries by default.

#2 Netguard

No-root firewall to block access to the internet per application. You can set timings and schedules for enabling/disabling app accesses to networks. You can enable password protection feature on the app to prevent other users from accessing it,and it has an option not to load images when you visit websites to save on data usage. You can also capture data packets, play with the bandwidth, block selected and individual IP Addresses, and log network interactions with apps. Mobiwol firewall app can be used to not only reduce data usage but also save battery life in addition to securing your privacy. You’ll be able to directly take control of the apps installed on your Android device with this app.

Download NoRoot Firewall APK for Android

It is one of the most trusted firewalls and even occupies an excellent rating on play store. Protect apps from unauthorized access to the ‘Password protect’ feature. Monitors and controls the information sent and received by any application. Notifies you when an app tries to access the internet. And here’s the fun part- you can block apps while you sleep.

Outpost Firewall (free)

NetGuard is an additional finest firewall software application to regulate apps that connects with the internet. It has an efficient and also eye-catching user interface. This application adheres to the exact same pattern as other firewall software applications. So, if you are trying to find an engaging firewall program application, this will certainly be an excellent choice.

  • My choice of ROM and Kernel might or might not have played their part in the issue, but as an Ad blocker, Blockada was very effective.
  • This application does not allow confidential information to get leaked out on the internet.
  • Forgetting to do so will keep restrictions on until you shut down and restart your device.
  • Shopping online, operating your bank account, all pose a threat towards identity theft and other malicious activities.
  • This free application is available for Android 4.0 or later version.

Your computer or any other device should have layers of security measures, and not just a single program protecting it. Subsequently, NoRoot Firewall saves connection logs, too, so you can see which app sent/received data and where. And, you can solve that problem using a third-party application called NoRoot Firewall.