As you might know, the internet is one of the most powerful things that affected the entire world and it is responsible for some really huge changes that happened to our culture. Well, you might not be aware of some of these changes because they haven’t happened after night, they took a long time and that way people didn’t seem to realize them. That is the reason why we have created this article, we wanted to talk about the cultural changes that happened because of the internet. With the internet, a lot of great things came and happened to us, but just as easily some bad things came.  

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However, people seem to ignore these bad things and always focus on the beneficial changes that left a big mark. We cannot live like that, we have to look back and see what are the things that we are missing out now because of the power of the internet. Here is a small list of things that slowly disappeared from our culture. But not Nintendo Games!

Writing Letters

When you combine internet with modern technology you get all of these social media platforms and websites that allow you to communicate with people from all around the world. Of course, once such a change happened everyone has forgotten about the old school way of communicating with people across the world. Writing and sending letters was the only way you can communicate with your loved ones who are far away from you.  Facebook and more

That was a huge part of our culture, nowadays all that you get from your post office is few bill letters and who knows how long that will be. You never know with the internet, you might even get your bills and information’s all through the internet. You can already use the internet to pay your bills and many other things. In fact, there are few things that you cannot purchase from the internet.  


As mentioned above, there is probably not one single thing that you cannot purchase using the internet. Going shopping with your friends has started already to change because people started to buy clothes and even food through some online stores.