An early and unnamed FBI car, later adapted into the LVPD “Police” car. Early design for the SFPD “Police” car which bears more of a resemblance to Download Police Car Racer 3D APK for Android the Chevrolet Caprice than its final design. Appears in the mission End of the Line after Frank Tenpenny’s Fire Truck crashed on Grove Street. An earlier iteration of the Police Car in GTA III prior to the game’s release. To win the game throw your adversaries off the road.

In an attempt to lose the police or catch drag racers, you would need to bump and crash against the other car until it swerves off the lane or loses momentum. The game can be pretty intense and will keep you at the edge of your seat. Jump behind the wheel of one of these futuristic squad cars and see if you can park them in this crowded lot. Avoid the other vehicles while you squeeze into some tight spots in this parking game. Police Supercars Racing is a fun, original racing game with great graphics. Not only is it an excellent title, but it’s totally free.

Police Car Chase Driving Simulator

The big franchises iterate so often that there rarely seems much point, but in the case of Burnout Paradise everybody was happy to see an exception to the rule. It’s also been modded to high heaven in the 19 years since it’s release, so with committed googling you can play through nearly two decades of F1 history. Almost a decade after the release of Trackmania 2, Ubisoft Nadeo debuted its semi-reboot of series with Trackmania 2020.

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Police Car Racing 3D is new and exciting, fast paced, police car driving racing simulation game. As a new rookie from the police academy, you’ll have to go into training for high speed pursuits in order to learn how to drive fast in amazingly detailed super cars.’s content is dedicated to driving games exclusively. This includes racing games, driving games, car games, bike games, truck games and even parking games.

What Are The Newest Racing Games?

The sea of adrenaline is waiting for you along the road. s world has become one the best sources for online entertainment. Most popular games liked by everybody are racing games. The focus of these online driving games lies for more than 80% on driving.

Racing could be mapped to city streets in open worlds. The large worlds in turn opened the door for shortcuts that were not possible since the arcade era of racing games. The inventions happening within all the emerging car games of the 1980’s brought players even more creative game play mechanics. The mini map showed the direction of other players. This system to help players navigate continued evolving to support more complex game worlds.