With the clean interface, you can start using the program instantly. There’s also a full-download manager, which can be quite useful for saving multiple files on the system. With this internet browser, you can choose specific page elements to save, which comes in handy when you want to save only images or certain sections of the text. It’s also beneficial in areas with slow connection speeds.

Coping up with the innovationns.User-friendly and elegant UI, and improved browsing speed. I loved the idea of putting the search tab down for convenient browsing experience. –Alddie Godinez ★★★★★【cooperation contact】★★★★★★★★ ★★★★★email – ★★★★★ 【What’s new for 4.2】 Maximum Privacy Online! Set a Picture Password Ensure your privacy by setting a unique picture password upon startup.

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With this, the user can hide all their downloaded content; videos, photos & files and protect them by means of password encryption. This means they have their own privately owned space within their browser and phone. Some countries have a poor network connection and people cannot afford to have access to Wi-Fi and data. UC Browser Turbo has a download feature which is a great help. Moreover, it supports the latest versions of the video format and the new MSE. After you have fastly downloaded your favorite videos, you can watch them offline.

Apart from that, now Duo supports up to 32 users in a group video call which is amazing. In an unexpected move, the Indian government recently banned 59 Chinese apps that posed a threat to the privacy of crores of Indian users. In addition, the government stated that this move would protect the sovereignty of Indian cyberspace. For years https://apkd.mobi/uc-browser-turbo-fast-download-secure-ad-block, security experts have been clamoring about the immense privacy risk and cautioning users not to use Chinese apps.

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It primarily focuses on speed and privacy while bringing a plethora of useful features to the table. Edge also offers a unique ‘Continue on PC‘ feature, which lets you quickly switch to the desktop browser; wherein, all the tabs are opened automatically in Edge on your PC. Amongst other features, it also gets Image Search with options to scan barcode and shopping items.

  • We also want to highlight the fact that UC Browser Turbo’s latest update introduces the ability to hide videos and bookmarks.
  • It’s very simple, fast, it secures your web browser for your Android phone.
  • By entering Desktop mode, you can now experience the full features of webpages as if you were on a PC.
  • Below, we have enlisted some Cam Scanner alternatives that you can use for scanning documents.