Malta is a leading market for schools for English as a Foreign Language, and many companies try to oust the others.

In an effort to boost its services, EF, a leading international language school recently sent 10 of its employees, many of them University students, to London to meet their foreign counterparts over a weekend in an academy.

“Our company believes that the staff is the key to success,” said Simon Pace, Leaders’ Manager at EF Language Travel. “10 leaders from Malta were chosen for this Academy and had the chance to participate in this weekend seminar aimed to further develop their leadership and communication skills. Criteria to form part of this Academy were focused on the positive feedback received from both students and managers based on the leaders’ summer performance.” Those with an interest in management and commerce will note that this academy was organised to better train and develop the staff at this company, while aiming at retaining talent.


“International guest speakers delivered presentations on how the skills gained through their summer experience could be used in everyday life to deal with the various challenges which one faces. Leaders had the chance to participate in open discussions, share their ideas with their international colleagues and discover how such skills can be strengthened,” Pace added.

Ilona Galea, B.Sc. Bio. & Chem. 2nd year, said that she never thought she would be chosen, and when she first heard of it simply let it pass beyond her.

Kerstin Caruana, Higher Diploma in Psychology, told us she was happy to see the work she carried out with the company during the summer aknowledged in this way.

“Summer with EF is an unpredictable one, you never know what to expect when you go for work in the morning, there are always new challenges and obstacles that arise.You are a leader, but you are also a student yourself, as you are always learning too.” Galea adds that the satisfaction she got from her job was what kept her taking on challenges.

Becky Cassar, 4th year B.Ed., described the Academy as insightful. “I’ve learnt so much from the Top 100 Leaders Academy. I’ve learnt the key skills needed to be a great sales person.


I’ve also learnt how to be a good role model to others and also how to use our own skills and characteristics in order to be a great leader.” They agreed that the material that they learnt was not only useful for the same language school, but for the rest of their careers.

Rebecca Mifsud, 3rd year B.Psy., added that such initiatives motivate people to work harder and perform better at their job. Caruana adds, “Not only that, but I think it creates a healthy drive of motivation to also develop and grow oneself too. Since this language school is an international organisation, I learnt a lot from the other leaders who work abroad, as well as the international managers in charge of the company.”

In concluding comments to InsiterOnline, Simon Pace explained that this creates a fora for the company’s best international staff to exchange ideas, while strengthening personal skills.

The other 6 participants were Andrew Sultana, Warren Sammut, Dario Rummolino, Charlene Debrincat, Malcolm Vassallo and Simonette Farrugia.