Gta V Surpasses The Astounding $1 Billion Mark

This weekend, just three days after its release, Rockstar’s acclaimed Grand Theft Auto V surpassed the $1 billion mark in revenue. According to some statistics, this means quantum leaps over what the 2nd most profitable game achieved, which was Call of Duty: Black Ops II – the latter hit the same mark after 15 days! In fact, GTA V had already raked in $800 million on its first day, compared to Black Ops II which got a relatively “meagre” $500 million.


Here are some interesting comparisons: On its first day on the store shelves, GTA V managed to generate more than 9 times the revenue than the premiere of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2” achieved globally. It made more money than Singapore’s daily GDP of $757 million; more money than Van Gogh’s 7 most valuable paintings (together sold for $700 million), and more money than the cost of the Sears tower, formerly known as the tallest building in the world.

Moving on from the fun facts, however, all this might have a slightly sinister side to it. No, I’m not about to entertain the ridiculous claims that GTA V is making people more violent after that story in the UK where a person who had just purchased a copy of the game got assaulted. Rather, it is the fact that entertainment as our parents knew it has been completely redefined and reshaped. We are slowly but surely entering a new era where virtual reality is not an unattainable fantasy. We ARE on the threshold of virtual reality. Most of us still have the sentience to know that the real world is ultimately vastly better than any artificial one – but who knows how the situation will be 20 years down the pipeline?


That being said, I’m quite gutted that GTA V still hasn’t been confirmed for the PC platform as I’m positively ecstatic on trying it out myself. So far, a petition started by Mike Juillard has accumulated over 470,000 signatures, and is set on hitting the 500k mark by next week. The question is not “if” it’s going to be released, as Rockstar aren’t as dumb as to ditch the platform which kickstarted the whole franchise. Rather, it’s “when”. Until then, I can only lust after console gamers while asking them to keep this in mind:

Enjoy your gaming, responsibly.