Luke Bezzina exudes energy wherever and whenever and so it is ,when we are chatting away, just days before we start University. Before we know it we’re speaking of his past collections, his future girlfriend but most of all his past, present and future ‘’passion’’ –athletics.

By Francesca Zarb and Rachel Powell

Q: What were you like as a child?

L: I was very energetic. At the age of 5 my parents decided to sign me up for most sports. I did swimming and gymnastics and obviously athletics. Until fourteen years of age I still juggled with all three. I also studied drama and piano. Then I decided to pursue athletics simply because I liked it best. It gave me most satisfaction. My coach is currently Zeljko Aras.

In the long run: Meeting Luke Bezzina

Q: You make an effort to be in the best physical and mental condition possible for the purpose of athletics, do you feel pressured sometimes?

L: I do. I sacrifice a lot to be fit. My food, sleep, shoes, social life are all under control. It’s very demanding yet it is also rewarding especially when I win during competitions.

Q: While you’re running do any thoughts occur to you?

L: When I am at the starting blocks, my aim is to cut the finishing line first. The world just shuts down and all I think about is me. I am very focused. Not even if my opponent sprints ahead of me, I don’t look at him I only look towards the finish. I feel free.

Q: Speaking of finish and relating to one of your popular photos, do you usually stick your tongue out at the end of the competition?

L: I know which photo you’re referring to. That was in Malta when I had crossed the line first with the fastest time of the season. I had also done a personal best of 22.24 in the 200 metres. I sometimes do it at the end of the finish line. It is such an indescribable feeling.

Q: You were one of the few juniors i.e. under nineteens’ to ever break the 11 second barrier in the 100m sprint. What can you tell us about that?

L: The word is overwhelming. I am always the type who studies my mistakes and see what I missed out on. I work my hardest to better my performance at every competition. The fastest record ever was that of 10.8 seconds and mine was 10.93 .. getting close.

Q: This year you’ve done the GSSE Games , the European Team Championships and the European Junior Championships. What are you hoping or wishing for in your next season?

L: I am already thinking of the University Games in South Korea in two years time. I am very willing to go for such a competition. It is well known, in fact many Olympics representatives will be there and it is famous for being a fair and clean competition.

Q: Is it true you sat for your last intermediate on your way to the Small Nation Games?

L: Yes. It was I.T intermediate. I still passed and will be reading B.Com next year.

Q: Where you always interested in the commerce or economics sector?

L: At a young age , I wanted to take up different occupations. I wanted to become a bus driver because I liked the large doors and I also wanted to become a priest to take the big host not the small one.

Q: Do you collect anything except for your medals?

L: I used to collect old coins although I’ve stopped now. I have the old Maltese money collected. I also collect watches, shoes ,blazers and electronics. I change my mobile phone once every six months.

Q: Any celebrities you’d like to be stranded with on an island?

L: I’d go for Mila Kunis or Jennifer Aniston who is one of my favourite actresses. I wouldn’t mind Megan Fox either.