If you’re looking for something fun to do throughout an otherwise uneventful week of lectures, researching, and even more lectures, you should check out ESN’s (Erasmus Student Network) Mdina by-Night Treasure Hunt. Having been a success last year, it promises to provide that burst of adventure all of us students crave at some point or other.

The Silent City will witness much running around and exclamations of dawning realisation today night at 21:00 as the treasure-hunt begins. Aimed at Erasmus students, but open to all students who would like to participate, teams composed of 5-6 people will be given their initial clues and an answer sheet, and then left to launch themselves into a quest that will take them all around the inside of the great bastions of the old city.


ESN have also stated that there will be a photo competition at hand during the treasure hunt. Teams will also have to keep their eyes open for slips of paper with the organisation’s logo on them scattered all around Mdina. But fear not, no exceptional skills are needed except maybe a basic grasp over Malta’s history and, that all important quality, the capability of working smoothly within a team.

The main aim of the event is to help Erasmus students get to know Malta better, not only for entertainment reasons (after all, Mdina is stunning by night and inspires many to visit its winding narrow streets just for a stroll), but also for cultural reasons. What better way to immerse yourself in Malta’s history than to set off on a quest of your own within one of the oldest fortresses Malta has to offer? Maltese students should also take it as an opportunity to experience their heritage in a way they never perhaps have, as well as a simple fun night out. Of course, if this isn’t motive enough, there is always that elusive grand prize waiting for the winners.

For any further details, contact ESN at info@esnmalta.org, or visit the facebook event page.