’Malta is a small sunny island in the heart of the Mediterranean. We hope to capture its charm and character one portrait at a time.’

The new Facebook Page ‘Humans of Malta’ has almost reached 1,000 likes since August 1st, when it was founded by the talented photographers Ryan Galea and Nicky Scicluna. Laura Besancon speaks to Ryan Galea to give us a further insight into the aim of ‘Humans of Malta.’

What drove you into creating ‘Humans of Malta’ together with Nicky?

First and foremost, Humans of Malta was inspired by the very popular Humans of New York. We believe that most of the people on the streets carry within them many exceptional stories and experiences. The aim of Humans of Malta is to get these stories out in the most genuine way possible.

How often do you go around the island to capture these interesting portraits?

Due to our very busy work schedules, we put in one three hour session each week.

Is it just the two of you who capture these interesting photographs?

Humans of Malta 1

At the moment it is just Nicky and I who take pictures but we might include some guest photographers or friends to help us out during our travels.

What do you look for when on location?

We just get the feeling from people on the streets. You sense that they’ll be willing to open up and give us the time to speak to them and get to know them. Most people like to open up and share their story even though it’s not always easy or instant.

Recent snapshots can be seen on their Facebook page: facebook.com/maltahumans